Shades Monthly Review & Unboxing | October 2017

Shades Monthly Review & Unboxing | October 2017

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good monthly subscription service! I’ve tried tons of boxes that were beauty and lifestyle based, but never one like this. Today I’m sharing a sunglasses subscription service called Shades Monthly.

Shades Monthly is a service for men and women that provides subscribers with the hottest styles every month. In every box you receive a brand new pair of shades in a microfiber bag that have 100% UV protection. You also get insurance for each pair that protects subscribers from lost or damaged shades. Shades Monthly also includes a themed card, extra gear (sometimes its glasses related and sometimes its not), and a contest card. They also occasionally put an extra pair of shades in the box for active subscribers! Check out a few of their past boxes here.

How it works:

At the first of the month members will receive a Shades Survey email to fill out. This survey includes five new pairs of shades for you to rate and comment on. This is how they determine what pair will fit best for you! If the member decides not to fill out the survey, they will receive a pair that has the highest rating for that month. All boxes begin shipping on the 10th!

Membership Pricing:

  • $20 – Month to Month (Anyone can try this option for $10 when they use our coupon codes below)
  • $57 – 3 Month Prepay – $3 Total Savings or $19 for Each Pair
  • $108 – 6 Month Prepay- $12 Total Savings or $18 for Each Pair
  • $204 – 12 Month Prepay- $36 Total Savings or $17 for Each Pair

Shipping Cost:

US: Free | Canada: $6 | International: $10

Coupon Codes:

Everyone has the opportunity to receive their first pair for $10! This also includes free shipping for US customers. Use MENS10 or WOMENS10 in the Month to Month option at checkout for the discount. This coupon code does not expire so feel free to use it at any time!