Pixi Beauty Favorites: Skincare

Pixi Beauty Favorites: Skincare

Glow Tonic

This toner is one of my all time favorites. Its formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid, and it does wonders for my skin! Since I started using this months ago my skin breaks out less and has less texture. I’ve been through 3 bottles and 2 containers of the Glow Tonic To-Go pre-soaked pads!

Hydrating Milky Mist

Although my skin is oily, I still have days where my skin feels dehydrated. Every time that happens I reach for this. I’ve been through more than one of these, and I can honestly say its a staple in my routine (especially during the colder months). I honestly love all of the mists in their line, but this one is my favorite!

Peel & Polish

This may be my favorite Skintreats product of all time. Scrubs are my best friend because I have issues with texture and acne. However, this product isn’t just a scrub. Its also a peel! This one product loosens dead skin cells, gently exfoliates, polishes, and helps brighten and soften your skin. I’m seriously addicted!

Glow Mud Mask

I love a good mud mask. They just make my skin happy! This one is definitely a 15 minute facial like they claim. My skin always feels super clean and looks brighter after I use this. I’m almost out of the one I’m using, and I’ll be repurchasing another soon!

Hydrating Milky Serum

This serum right here is my go-to for the winter months. During those months my skin always feels so incredibly dehydrated, but this saved me last winter! Just a couple of drops of this before my moisturizer made such a difference! I finished mine off earlier this year, but I’ll definitely be grabbing another one once it gets a bit colder. Their serums and oils are amazing!

Nourishing Lip Polish

I love that this exfoliates and nourishes your lips all in one product! The applicator is super gentle and buffs away any dead skin. As you buff in a circular motion you squeeze the tube and the oil comes out. I leave it on my lips while I do the rest of my makeup and my lips feel so hydrated and fully prepped for lip color once I wipe it off! I’ve been through two of these already, and I’m working through my third!

Double Cleanse

This is my favorite makeup removing product right now! I’ve tried several that are similar to this, and none of them work as well as this! The cleansing oil side removes all of the makeup, and when I say all of it I mean ALL of it! Normally my toner removes quite a bit of makeup left behind by other makeup removing products, but with this the toner pad comes back with little to no extra makeup. The cleansing cream side feels so amazing and luxurious. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and moisturized. I’ve also tried to remove my makeup with just the cleansing cream side and it works just as well as the cleansing oil! This product is a must-have in my skincare routine!

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